One of the toughest things for us to do was to decide what our itinerary would be. There are so many exciting countries out there, and we wanted to see as many of them as possible. Unfortunately, even though a year seems like a very very long time, it's really not nearly enough time to see everything we would like to see. We tried hard to narrow down our list of countries as much as we could. In the end, we came up with a list of 23 countries. Honestly, that's still probably too many. Luckily, since we are not buying all of our flights in advance, we'll be able to change our itinerary as much as we feel like while on the road. Actually, i really hope that our final itinerary is very different than our initial plans. It's nice to be able to stray from plans!

Anyways, go here to view our original planned itinerary.

I've also put together an itinerary page that will show our progress on the road. This will be constantly updated with how far we've gotten so far, and will include links to photos and journal posts for the countries we've been to. Click here to view our current itinerary.

Recently i've added a new page to this section. i was sick for a week in bolivia, and since i had nothing to do, i put together a page with a bunch of charts of all the costs for this trip. Click here if you are interested in how much this whole trip cost me.