all museumed out


we got up this morning and were too late for the usual toast breakfast (since we went to bed last night at 4am). we decided against our better judgement to go to the british museum. the museum was on our list of stuff that we defintely wanted to check out… but we’ve been going to museums etc for the last several days in a row so we kinda were hoping to take a break… to take a day off from rushing around and just relax. but it was our last day in london, so we went to the museum.

the british museum is actually really really cool. first of all, the building that it’s in is really cool looking architecturally and second of all the museum is *huge*. seriously enormous. inside they have rooms that hold complete greek temples. that’s how big it is. we saw some pretty cool exhibits, but like i said, we were kinda museumed out by then so it was hard to take it all in. not related to the museum, but odd nonetheless was that we saw this tiny dog on a leash there. huh, dogs allowed in the museum? when we walked closer, we saw that the dog had a sign saying that it was a “hearing dog for the deaf”. so, ummm, how does that work exactly?? what exactly does a “hearing dog” do?

after the museum, we went out to leicaster square. it’s an area where hella people walk around and to me seemed super touristy… kinda like union square or whatever. we grabbed some food at a restaurant, and then were surprised after the meal w/ a 10$ cover charge!! a cover charge?? for eating at an italian restaurant?? wtf?? anyways, then we checked out this bar called the Alphabet bar. that place was really cool… until it closed at 11pm. i’m sooooo not down w/ this whole closing at 11pm thing. that’s just too damn early!! at this point, our only option for nightlife would be to pay a $20 cover just to get into some small bar. not worth it!! so we ended up having another earlyt night in london. so frustrating. we really just wanna go out and have fun, but this 11pm curfew just keeps messing things up.

well, after this night, we’re leaving london and going to check out brightopn. hopefully it’ll be cool…


4 thoughts on “all museumed out”

  1. When I was in Russia, I called it “Palace-fatigue”. As in, “Wow, this awesome palace is 20th awesome palace I’ve seen this week….” 😉


  2. Get used to the “cover charges” because they’re pretty common in Greece and Spain. Chris and I kept getting charged for bread, despite the fact that we didn’t eat it. 🙁

  3. heh, yeah totally. i wanna start trying to alternate heavy sight seeing days w/ just lounging days!!


  4. the cover charge is sooo whack!! i’d rather have them just raise their menu prices so i didnt realize i was paying the damn fee!

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