it’s crazy that i’ve been out here for this long! i feel like i’ve seen and done so much already… i’ve been to 7 countries and have seen more stuff in these last 60 days than i would normally get to see in years. i’ve been able to live out of a backpack, be constantly on the go, and change languages on the fly. i’ve ridden buses, metros, cable cars, trams, ferries, taxis, planes, and even camels. i’ve gotten from eating fish and chips to snails to tapas to shish kabobs. i’ve battled off carpet sellers, camped in the desert, seen ruins, gone clubbing, and even took a turkish bath.

it’s been a wild crazy ride, and i still have 10 more months of it to go!! and, from now on, the countries will only get crazier… we’ll go to the middle east, deep into africa, and all around asia. i can’t wait!

i hope you guys have been enjoying reading abouit all of it. i totally appreciate all the comments etc that i’ve gotten from all of you. anyways, i’d love to know exactly who all is reading my journal, so if you’ve been reading, or if you’re kust reading now… leave a comment in this post to let me know who you are. i’d love to hear from ya… and that means you too elena!!!

oh yeah, one more thing… i’d like to appologize for the spelling etc in this journal. honestly, i am really not terrible at spelling, and i know how to use punctuation. it’s just that i’m usually in such a hurry, and tired, and using weird keyboards etc!!


24 thoughts on “DING DING DING!!!!”

  1. vladee, i read your journal (well, usually i skim it cause i have limited time online) – it´s fun to know where you´re at! -y:)

  2. hey vlad,
    been reading each journal entry and loving it. savor every minute of the trip!
    take care,

  3. Dood,
    I have been a faithful reader and no need to apologize for the grammar. I totally feel you on this one! I think we all understand there’s better things to do… Keep the post coming and granulations on surviving the first two months! Hopefully I’ll see you in India.

  4. Vlad, been lovin your journal and photos. It was great to chat with you the other day! My hubby wants to know if you plan to post photos of Gallipoli. 🙂

    Take care,

  5. I’ve chalked up your poor spelling to having to crowd as much typing into the short amount of time you have on the internet.

  6. i love reading both yours and caryn’s posts, you guys make me insanely jealous that 1. my own rtw is over, and 2. i wasnt nearly as adventerous with my own intinerary… i love that you guys are posting photos as well!

  7. i have been reading your entries… seems like you guys are having such an amazing time!


  8. I read both and appreciate that you are sharing your adventures with us all!

  9. Vladski; I’m reading, love the photos, really makes me feel part of your adventure, generally skim through long post, but keeping up! Have fun

  10. Vlad, I have been following your blog with every entry. It has been fun to read and I envy your journeys. Keep going. If and when you make it to Vietnam I have some suggestions for you.

    – Robert Burns

  11. Just a random office worker stealing bandwidth from employer by subscribing to your blog. I’m amazed that you’re on this world tour and yet manage to post almost every day. It impresses me because I have a terrible time finding internet cafes and time when I’m on the road.

  12. Merry 2 month anniversary! Wow … look at all these loyal readers. You should start selling ads. Wanna buy a spinbox? :p

  13. We love following your adventure. No apologies necessary…remember this is for you… but thanks for letting us take part in your journey. It’s hard enough to have the time to convey your thoughts ($$) and reply to comments too. You’re doing a great job! Billy’s friends are enjoying the map we are tracking of your travels…they check it out every time they are over. Take care and God Bless.

  14. *Raises hand*

    Now what happened to our agreement? I still haven’t received a phone call… >:(

  15. i’ve been following your travels too.
    your trip sounds incredible thus far.
    keep the stories coming =)

  16. Yeah, well unlike these other guys I’m really disturbed by your spelling and hope it improves as you sober up 🙂 Thankfully your pictures make up for your spelling. You guys have visited some amazing places in such a short amount of time.

  17. yo sucka! I am finally starting to catch up a little here…hope all is well. Take care.. lv, MOSS

  18. Howzit bru? Sounds like u are having a awesome time. Maybe i’ll see you when u get to Africa. I love the photo’s!!!! I’ll definately be reading about your journeys more. Have fun!

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