goodbye myanmar

yesterday i spent almost the whole day on a bus. 17 hour bus ride. ouch. luckily, the buses here are decent and they dont pack them insanely full. one person to a seat. but, despite decent buses, the roads are utter shite, which makes the trips miserable. we go slow. painfully slow. a 50 mile trip will often take 2 or more hours. the roads are often very twisty as well, and there is often the fear that we will tip over and fall off a cliff. in fact, we twist so much that people get sick. all the time. sometimes the sound of people throwing up continues for the whole bus ride. plus, sometimes random processions of people block the roads and the bus just has to sit there and wait. this happened yesterday. we sat fo a long time. i finally asked the guy next to me if he knew what was going on.

“ceremony for monk. the novice will go to monestary to be monk.”

“ah, i see”

“he is taken by elephant”


i strain forward to see past all the other people on the bus and sure enough, there’s a huge elephant wandering about on the road w/ a monk on top of it. i guess i should always expect the unexpected here.

eventually, 6am the next morning i arrived in yangon. exhausted. sleep for a few hours. i wake up and it’s totally cloudy… yet still incredibly hot. eventually it rains. i eat food from the same streetstall where i ate my first meal in myanmar. mmmmm, still as good as i remember it!

spent the rest of the day not doing much. just wandering about. surprisignly for being a capital city, yangon is really nice. unfortunately, today is my last day here and tomorrow i fly to bangkok.

and for those of you who wanted to see the longyi…


8 thoughts on “goodbye myanmar”

  1. maybe it’s the pigeon pie diet from morrocco? i think they’ve finally discovered the true secret to rapid weight loss. diet is as folows:

    1)eat pigeon pie (yes, it’s really pigeon)
    2)spend the next day or two vomiting uncontrollably and not feeling hungry.

  2. OMG! Vlad, you’re SO skinny! Eat a hamburger! 😉

    And there’s nothing wrong with pigeon. Wadduya think squab is? It can be pretty gamey, but it can also be pretty good. Not as good as lamb, though. Mmmm… Laaaaammmb… Baaaaaa. 🙂

  3. dude, ever since i started this trip i’ve totally been eating lamb. yup, hella good.. well.. sometimes, depends on how it’s prepared… but as long as i dont think about it, i’ve been able to chow down on meat… dunno if i’ll continue doing so when i get back though.

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