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I’ve gotten a bunch of comments and emails from people wondering what happened to caryn’s blog ( basically, her site used to be hosted by one company, but that company sucked so she switched to another. although she transfered the actual site, she had forgotten to transfer her domain name to the new company. everything had been running smooth for months and months but after one year was up, the old company turned off her domain name. so temporarily, there’s no she’s trying to get things fixed, and hopefully it should be up and running again in less than a week (crosses fingers).

anyways, in the meantime, she’ll be posting entries in her old livejournal blog, so if you want to read her entries there until Girlcrayon is back, go to:


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  1. Thanks, hon! Oh, and if anyone wants to email me, use ckealey at gmail dot com. 🙂

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