Dogs: friend or food?

over a year ago, i went to grocery store in SF and was pretty surprised to find a huge box of turtles for sale. it seemed quite shocking that these living turtles were being sold to be someone’s meal. when i came home, i wrote a post “one man’s pet is another man’s dinner”. i mentioned that really the term “pet” is quite subjective and that in other countries, people have no problem eating animals that we would think of as pets such as dogs, guinea pigs, etc. i wondered aloud if i could ever possibly bring myself to eat dog. soon after i posted, tom made a comment saying he would definitely try dog if he had the chance.

i had totally completely forgotten about my post, when all of a sudden, a whole year later, i got a comment on it. someone named “Terry” was totally outraged that i would even consider eating a dog. we argued back and forth a bit, and terry got progressively more and more pissed off. soon, there were more people who joined in the conversation. as of now, that post has gotten 112 comments and there are at last 6 or 7 people that have been arguing. it’s actually pretty funny. i’m still really not sure what to think. part of me thinks that the comments are just from someone totally joking around and acting stupid to annoy me. part of me thinks that maybe these people are actually real and actually are as stupid as they sound. it’s hard to tell.

if you want a quick laugh, you can check out the post here.

what do you think? are these people really as dumb as they sound, or just messing with me?

and, what do you think of eating dogs? would you try one? what if it didnt look like dog… like if it was just prepared as a steak or a burger? is eating dog really all that different than eating any other animal?


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  1. this all sounds rather childish to me, our survival instincts make us eat whatever is available when we are hungery. some cultures even eat rats for gods sake. its all in the society we grow up in. if you travel and you want to learn about another society you should do the things they do and eat what they eat. i would never try dog meat on purpose but if i did eat some by mistake i wouldnt be mortally or emotionally wounded i would except it for what it is FOOD. i grew up in the country with cows and chickens and pigs we sometimes got attached to the livestock but we always knew they were being raised for food and when it got time we ate them. so grow up and live in the real world please

  2. Wow! This is the funniest thing I’ve read in forever. Cuz, where did you find these kids? Are they on here for entertainment purposes? As for my opinion, I do have a dog and if I was starving, I would eat dog. I wouldn’t do so intentionally if I had a choice, but that is due to my upbringing and cultural background. I have eaten other ‘cute’ animals and never really had a problem with it. Just my two cents…

  3. Holy crap. That was quite possibly the most amusing comment thread ever. Particularly like the comment about the “lifecicle”…very enlightening!

  4. I don’t think I could eat dog. Like you, I might be tempted to try a bite if someone had a plate of dog sitting there.

  5. I could never eat dog because I identify with them! you can look at a dog and see that he is concerned, worried, happy, amused.. Eating dog would make me think of the pain that he felt when he died for my dinner.. Which I guess is why some people don’t eat any other animals. It’s odd that the whole dogs as snacks argument sounds so much like what vegetarians sound like talking about eating meat. Vegetarians I guess feel the same way about other animals the same way I feel about dogs..

  6. You know how I feel about this. I actually want to try dog. I don’t think it would be anything special, but since people make such a big deal about it, I really want to try it. If I were to go someplace that had it on the menu, I would order it.

  7. Dogs are meant to be mans best friend…they will lie down their life protecting you… could we eat them?????
    One of our nabors lost her cat..she was such a sweet cat. Well, a few people on our floor chalked up the loss to someones dinner. After all, cannibalism took place up in the Sierras in a group lost years ago….so…..anything can happen if you get hungry enough I guess.

  8. Oh, and as far as eating dogs is concerned, I think people automatically think about eating their own dogs, which is why they get so outraged. Of course I wouldn’t want to eat my own dog, but I wouldn’t want to eat a goat or pig or cow that I’d raised either. (Never mind that I’m a vegetarian and wouldn’t be eating those animals anyway, but I don’t have some sort of moral obligation to prevent other people from eating them.) Everybody says how smart dogs are, but pigs have been shown to be very intelligent animals, arguably even smarter than dogs. And yet you don’t see people up in arms about baby back ribs or porkchops or bacon on a restaurant menu. I guess my point is that if you eat meat at all, you’re in no position to decide for other people which animals are okay to eat and which ones aren’t.

  9. I totally agree with your last point: If you eat any type of meat, how can you look down at others for eating a different type of meat.

  10. angie, although i agree that much of what the little kids posted is definitely childish and possibly even stupid, i dont think that deciding not to eat do is all that stupid. everyone has their limits. some people are vegan and wont even eat eggs or milk. other people find eating meat ok. bt still, i would guess that everyone has at least some sort of limit. sure you might be ok with eating dog, but where do you draw the line? would you eat monkey? would you eat endangered species of animals? would you eat people?


  11. vlad, im sorry if you felt i was calling them or there decision not to eat dog stupid. that is not what i ment at all, i was just makeing a comment on how childish the whole arguement was.
    if i was in a foreign country and was offered something and it didnt look revolting i would probably eat it and afterward (if i wasnt to scared of the answer) i would ask what it was. i havent gotten to travel to any place exotic that eats those things yet but if i ever do i want to experience the culture and see how they live.BUT if they told me first that it was dog or monkey or something like that i dont know if i really could eat any of it. LOL but i like to think i would at least try a taste. and as far as eating people i hope i wouldnt but the instinct for survival is awfully strong in all humans just ask the people that lived thru donners pass!!!!!!!!! and as far as drawing a line ….. i have a very weak stomach so if it looks gross i dont eat it no matter what it is LMAO

  12. yeah, i definitely want to try (and taste) everything that other cultures have to offer as well. i definitely think that dog might be a difficult one, but i think i would just go for it. just the other day i had some difficulty deciding whether or not to try llama after looking at llamas all day.. in the end i tried it and it was pretty good! i guess you owe it to yourself to try everything at least twice… except sea urchin.

  13. i have this friend who is willing to try prety much anything. but his rule is that you need to give things 2 chances… sometimes you might have a bad first experience but grow to like it. the only thing he absolutely refuses to try a second time is sea urchin cause it was so absolutely disgusting the first time.

    well, i had tried urchin once and HATED it. but despite my friend’s advice, i decided to give urchin a second time. how bad could it be right? plus, i was in japan, so they should serve the urchin sushi much beter than what i had tried before at home. so my girlfriend and i gathered up as much ccourage as possible… and ate it. she almost threw up. i could see the tears welling up in her eyes. i wasn’t as disgusted… but it was still really really gross. anything that *looks* like baby poo should NOT be eaten!!! i guess there is a reason whjy they are so spikey… cause what is inside should be avoided at all costs!!

    have you tried it?

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