can i finally leave now please?!

one thing I didn’t mention in my post about the Salar was that Tomas had a vicious cold. he was constantly coughing like crazy. to make matters worse, he never covered his mouth when he coughed. so, we spent 3 days straight sharing germs with him. he coughed in the car for hours, he coughed in our room, and best of all, he would just go and cough all over the food that we were all about to eat. thanks a lot. so, we had only just arrived back from the tour when we start feeling a bit sick.

fast forward *6* days…. we’re still here. in Uyuni. we’ve been sick for 6 days straight now, and have been unable to leave. it fucking sucks. especially since the money we have left for the trip is slowly running out and right now, every day counts. we cant really afford to waste 6 whole days just sitting in our room, blowing our noses and coughing. not to mention, that as I said before, Uyuni really isn’t all that interesting of a town for travelers. it really doesn’t have too much going for it. so each day we spend sitting around doing nothing, feeling like crap, and then go to sleep hoping that we will wake up the next morning feeling better. each morning it’s the same answer: no. I dunno if we got some really nasty bug, or if the altitude is preventing us from recovering as fast. it’s already difficult enough breathing when you are sick, without having the air being super thin. each time we walk across the courtyard to go to the bathroom, we come back panting and out of breath. ugh.

I just want to get better and get on with my trip!!!

the one saving grace about staying here is the Minuteman. an American guy from Massachusetts started a pizza place here in Uyuni called Minuteman Pizza. this place is the best ever. first off, the pizza is *real pizza*, not that sorry excuse for pizza you find in other places on the road. plus, he uses all these ingredients that you would never normally find in Bolivia: gorgonzola cheese, sundried tomatoes, etc. the pastas are hella good. actually, pretty much everything served at the restaurant is absolutely delicious. since we got back to Uyuni, we’ve eaten every single meal there.

plus, the guy who runs it is ridiculously nice and friendly. he’s always checking up on how we’re doing and not only called a doctor to come see us, but even hung out and translated for us since the doctor spoke no English.

so yeah… we’ve pretty much spent ages now in Uyuni. hopefully we wont be here for much longer…


5 thoughts on “can i finally leave now please?!”

  1. Ugh, of all places to be stuck, Uyuni! Hang in there, guys. And hopefully you won’t run into Tomas again! Your Laguna Colorado pictures are fantastic–I didn’t get to see it like that!

  2. yeah, i was totally shocked to see how incredible the lake looked on the second day. i dont know if it was the angle, or the time of day, or what but it looked absolutely fantastic!

    so, we’ve been wondering if being at higher altitude is keeping us from recovering. we’re going to try to take a bus tonigh to coroico via la paz and see if descending helps at all!

  3. You poor things!!! I hope you both start feeling better soon! Thanks for continuing to post updates, Vlad. The pictures are especially fantastic. Give Caryn a kiss for me. Love to you both, Linda (Mom)

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