bizarre last 24 hours… short version

last night we finally got out of uyuni. thank god. we took the night bus to la paz. sitting today with caryn at lunch, i was thinking about just how weird and random the last 24 hours had been. here’s the short synopsis of quotes:

  • “so this is the direct bus to la paz yes?”
  • “could this bus be any less comfortable?”
  • “wait, how many people just got their camera’s stolen?”
  • “i thought this was supposed to be a direct bus!!”
  • “but those people paid for their tickets and their packs are on the bus, you’re leaving them behind?!”
  • “you owe me $50 for my shoe you bastard!”
  • “i thought this was supposed to be our hotel room… what is this?!”
  • “what the hell are those things?! isnt that really freaky?”
  • “ummm, is that a large stack of dried llama foetuses??”
  • “just how much confetti do they have around here?”
  • “nice! i finally found a guy wearing a ski mask. i wonder how much this will cost?”

yeah… things can be weird while traveling in bolivia.


2 thoughts on “bizarre last 24 hours… short version”

  1. A night bus I took in Peru was held up by banditos. They were wearing masks too! We were actually watching “The Mask” with Jim Carey on the TV in front of the bus too. I hope your camera is okay!

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