back on the bus

the other day i took the bus again. after last week’s bus adventure, i assumed that today would be just a boring day on the bus. but, no.

everything started out with me accidentally taking the wrong bus (apparently the 81 sometimes doesn’t go all the way to Sunnyvale). after getting off the bus, i waited for the next one. by random coincidence, i ended up waiting with this guy who I’m almost positive was the guy yelling in the back of the bus last time. while sitting around, this guy told me about how god gets upset with people who have sex before marriage. apparently this guy is currently abstinent after going to prison for a few months, then getting out, then going back to prison again, and then getting out again. I’m still not sure how the prison and abstinence tie together.

when we got on the bus, he met up with his friends and spent the next 20 minutes discussing: stealing stereos, being in prison, selling weed to cops, being on parole, and other such things. I’ve never been to prison, and neither have my friends really, so it’s kinda weird to think that there are so many people out there that have been to prison multiple time, all of their friends have been to prison multiple times, and there is most probably prison in the future for them as well. prison is just a totally normal fixture in their lives just like taking a trip somewhere is for us, while for us going to prison seems like a totally crazy and extreme thing.

i spent 14 month traveling the world and seeing how different the lives are of people in different countries… but sometimes it’s pretty mind-boggling just how different the lives we lead are from the people who are right next door.


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  1. but at least they weren’t talking about sex before marriage. That would be really wrong.

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