Bar#5 Rogue Brewery

for most of my life, i’ve never really been a huge fan of beer. i’ve always been way more into hard alcohol, especially vodka. Beer was just something to drink as a last resort if there was nothing better available. Strangely enough though, over the last year i’ve really started liking it. I’m really not sure how it happened, but often now i find myself craving the taste of beer instead of just enduring it. Maybe it happened from being stuck in so many small villages around the world where beer was pretty much the only alcohol to be had… and in the sweltering heat, it was super refreshing.

The other day, Tom got a huge promotion at work, so we went to Rogue Brewery to celebrate. i’ve heard that the beer there is super good, and was excited to try a few of their different kinds. They had a ton of varieties to choose from, and i started with the Saint Rogue Red which was recommended to drink with their Kobe Beef Burger. the burger was awesome… there’s nothing quite like a huge burger with blue cheese all over it! the beer on the other hand… was just ok.

Next i decided to try something a little more out of the ordinary: Chipotle Ale. i *love* the flavor of Chipotle… such a good combination of sweet and spicy, but the Chipotle ale didn’t taste very good. it just tasted kinda funky. and i dont mean funky in a good way. We ended the night by having a chocolate stout float. my friends liked it, but i wasn’t a huge fan. i think the beer would have been good by itself, and the ice-cream good by itself, but together the beer just made the ice cream taste bitter and have a gnarly aftertaste.

So, in the end i have mixed feelings about the place. i really dig their designs/logos, the food was pretty damn good, and i thought it was funny that they had frozen tv dinners on the menu along with the rest of the food. but the beer itself wasn’t all that great. maybe it was just the ones i tried? i might possibly go there again one day and try a beer sampler to see what other stuff they have available. we’ll see…

Rogue Brewery is at 673 Union St in San Francisco


2 thoughts on “Bar#5 Rogue Brewery”

  1. You have to try the Hazelnut Brown Nectar… it is seriously my favorite beer in the world. I was so stoked when Josh told me they had an ale house in SF… it is hard enough just to find bottles of the stuff.

  2. hrm.. what is “brown nectar”? is it like brown ale?? cause i haaaaaate brown ale.


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