Bar#12 Lone Palm

driving through the mission, we thought we might not be able to find this place, but luckily we saw what we were looking for: a single palm tree next to a neon sign. this place is exactly what I picture an old lounge to be like. not the crazy slick uber-hip lounges they are building these days, but more down to earth, with white tablecloth covered tables to sit at. this seems like the kind of place where someone in the corner would be playing a piano, and you’d find it in some old movie… or maybe in Reno. it looks like the kind of place that must have been really nice a few decades back, but now is just a relaxed bar with a chill crowd. there are very few tables here, so on a busy night it’s probably just about impossible to find a place to sit. there’s also an… errr… interesting statue on the wall that tom is pictured next to.

i have no idea what is going on here

i have no clue what is going on here either… nor why my clothes look wet

the Lone Palm is at 3394 22nd Street in San Francisco


8 thoughts on “Bar#12 Lone Palm”

  1. I love the Lone Palm! Was just there last week. The girl bartenders were rather nonchalant and can’t make very good drinks, but the atmosphere is good.

  2. whoa, that sublounge place sounds really cool. i’ll definitely check it out. lingba lounge, i think i’ve been to. it’s part of a thai restaurant, yeah?

  3. the lone palm is an old favorite of mine. they used to have this one cute bartender there (maybe she is still there) who was leading a discussion amongst the bar patrons about the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and why everyone in the movie was “sexy.” It was great.

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