i’m growing a moustache

Kevin’s 30th birthday is on the 22nd of April, and he’s celebrating by having a moustache party. the rule is that you have to grow a moustache, draw on a moustache, or wear a fake moustache when you go. i’ve never been a fan of moutsaches… maybe they look ok on some people, but i’ve never wanted to have one myself. buying a fake moustache for the party was going to be the option i took.

unfortunately, after a few drinks at the Lone Palm, a bet was made that kevin, joey, tom, and i would not shave for 2 weeks preceding the party. 2 whole weeks without shaving?? ouch. well, to make matters worse, at some point in time, after even more drinks, the time got incresed to 3 weeks. if there’s one thing i’ve learned, it’s that making bets while drunk is *never* a good plan. unfortunately, i am one of those people that prtetty much refuses to back down from a bet. it’s not losing the 20 bucks, it’s the principal, ya know?

so, as of april 1st, i stopped shaving completely. it’s been 11 days now, and i’m starting to look pretty gnarly. i can’t belive i still have to wait another 11 days before i shave. i’ll be a freaking monster by then. the night of the party (or before then) i will shave the beard part and be left with just a handlebar moustache. oh man.


6 thoughts on “i’m growing a moustache”

  1. Vlad, I share your pain for my upper lip is rather furry from not shaving. I can’t believe we got suckered into this, but I am determined to go the distance. I got the full on Tom Selleck mustache. At work, I’m starting to receiving compliments on my facial hair – not cool!

    However, props to you for attempting the handlebar stache. All you need now is the “Hulk Rules” tank top.


  2. Vlad, we need pictures!! I’d say at least every three days or so, track the progress.

    Oh, and don’t be satisfied with anything less than a righteous Jason Lee/”My Name is Earl” kind of ‘stache.

    And what does Caryn think of the fuzzy face?


  3. I’m so over this moustache. Mine has reached its thickness plateau, and now it is just growing longer. This amounts to an ugly ass ‘stache. I’m thinking of shaving the ‘soul patch’ part, but with just a ‘stache, it might be even more ridiculous.

    Are we gonna have half-way-there-check-up-drinks tonight?

  4. compliments, eh? hahaha. people will miss your moustache when it is gone!!

  5. *grumble grumble*… ok.. i’ll probably post some photos soon.

    heh, caryn is not a fan!

  6. sorry, unfortunately i cant make it tonight since i have to do family stuff. i’ll see your awesome moustache on saturday tho!

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