Bar #21 – Pig & Whistle

this is the kind of place that makes it hard to write a review. it’s a british pub, with all the usual qualities you’d imagine it to have. lots of beer. pool and darts. laid back atmosphere. there’s really not much i can say about it that really stands out. i’ve read that it has fantastic pub food, but we didnt try any when we were there. what i did try, was this beer called Old Speckled Hen. the beer, despite it’s bizarre name (which oddly enough is a reference to MG cars), was damn good. it reminded me of this other creamy ale that i had back in london. it was so good actually, that i wasn’t able to try anything else since i just kept ordering the same thing over and over and over. even if that beer was the only thing that stands out for me about Pig and Whistle, it still makes it worth going back.

Pig & Whistle is at 2801 Geary Boulevard in San Francisco

4 thoughts on “Bar #21 – Pig & Whistle”

  1. yup. i wonder if other places serve it too… maybe i just have never noticed it because i just wasn’t looking?

  2. If you like Old Speckled Hen, try to look for Boddington’s, Caffrey’s, and Bellhaven’s (other cream ales).

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