June 18th

my dad’s birthday is on june 18th and so it’s always just a few days away form being on father’s day. this year, both were on the same day. my brother and i got my dad a Razr cellphone which he was really excited about. my dad can be pretty hard to shop for and we never really know what he might want, so it was cool to see that he really enjoyed our gift and spent the day trying to figure out how to use the various features and taking pictures of stuff.

we went to the flower conservatory in golden gate park which was pretty cool. so many crazy different kinds of plants. this one species of flower actually really looked like some kind of alien space creature. i haven’t really taken many photos recently, so i snapped a bunch while i was there.

Here are the rest of my flower conservatory photos.

after the park, we checked out Canvas cafe which my mom was totally blown away by. they have this really cool art exhibit there now where someone hung 20,000 pieces of orange paper from the ceiling and it looks like you are fully being showered by tons of autumn leaves. really cool. i showed my new apartment to my parents from the outside, and was really tempted to go inside (the door is unlocked), but decided i didnt want the landlord to start hating me before i even moved in.

after driving back to the southbay, we went out to a dinner at Scott’s seafood restaurant which was pretty mediocre. here’s a photo of my dad and uncle weraing some really dorky bibs!


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  1. Vova, great consevatory’s pictures. What camera did you use?

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