some random stuff from the last 3 weeks

moving in

on june 23rd, i finally drove up to pick up the keys to my new home. i was way excited to be living in SF again. unfortunately, most of our stuff was still in storage, so we lived here with nothing but an air matress for a while, but we’ve been slowly getting this place together. we’ve bought a couch, had cable/internet hooked up, and had movers deliver our stuff out of storage. living here has been great. i totally love the neighborhood.. it’s been so nice to have everything within walking distance. trying to park in the garage on the other hand, has been a nightmare. i scraped my car every single time i parked in it 4 or 5 times in a row. i finally got the hang of it though.

Fur Coats

Kevin, Jason, and Trent’s band, the Fur Coats played at erica’s house. they were hella good.

here are some more photos of the Fur Coats.


i’ve been going to trivia nights every monday at the blackthorne tavern. it’s pretty cool to consistantly have something to look forward to on monday nights. usually, going back to work after a weekend hella sucks, but at least this way, monday is little less sucky.

Rave at DNA Lounge

there was a party at the DNA lounge where they had all old school djs like dj dan, carlos, dutch, jeno, etc play records from 1994. for the most part, the music was phenomenal. it was really a crazy feeling hearing all those old tracks again. also, they showed old flyers as visuals, and i recognized practically almost all of them. it’s so weird to think how seriously into raving i used to be and for how long i did it for. sometimes, i definitely feel nostalgic for those good old days.

4th of july

the night of 4th of july, we went out for drinks at gordon biersch on the embarcadero. unfortunately, we didnt get ready to go check out the fireworks until it was way too late. we spent the whole fireworks show walking to where the show was only to get there just as the finale happened. doh!


i finally bought a laptop. the desktop i’ve been using is hellza old and is pathetically slow. it’s nice to finally have a new computer and it’s also really nice to be ab le to take my compter wherever i want. the other day i spent the day working from a cafe in the Mission instead of from home. so nice!

World Cup Finals

the other day i went to Dolores park to watch the finals that they showed on a huge 13 by 9 foot screen. i’ve never really been into sports, and didnt actually watch most of the world cup, but it was really cool to watch the finals with almost 10,000 other people. every time anything exciting would happen, the crowd would go totally crazy and it was just a really fun atmosphere. randomly enough, it turned out that this whole event was put on by Peter who used to be yan’s roommate. he’s from germany where the worldcup is shown on screens all over the place and when he found out that there wasn’t any place to watch it here in SF, he decided to take matters into his own hands. so, he got together $17,000 (half of which he got from the german consulate) and rented a screen, got together djs (for breaks during the game), and set up this dope event that a huge amount of people came to. i really just couldnt believe just how many people were there. way cool.


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  1. hey vladee — thanks for the update — it’s cool to keep in touch with sf happenings via your blog. crazy about the world cup event! and can’t wait to see the fur coats in action on their world tour. congrats about the place too 🙂

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