Bar#27 RJ’s Sports Bar

This place is as divey as it gets. it’s a tiny little bar with a pool table filling most of the room. the decor suggested that there should be jocks high fiving each other while chugging shots of jagger, but instead the crowd was mostly young latino guys who looked at the 10 of us wondering what the hell posessed us to come here. we didn’t stay long… but when i think about it now, this might be exactly the kind of place where interesting stuff happens.

RJ’s Sports Bar is on 701 Geary Street in San Francisco

9 thoughts on “Bar#27 RJ’s Sports Bar”

  1. can you guys check out Trad’r Sam’s? its on 25 or 26th and geary… total dive tiki type bar. i was always wondering what it was like.

  2. The girl Michelle Carpenter that works there is a WHORE and coke head….u need to get rid of her….she sells coke right in the girls bathroom!

  3. yet shes still there!! hmmm, I was just there, and yeah I overheard her as well talking about drugs! Not cool, I wont be returning anytime soon! Need a MUCH BETTER staff! And those bathrooms are NASTY!

  4. Trust me they’ll never get rid of her! Shes been there too long. I have been going there for years and she went from a navy wife, to cheating on her hubby and shipping hubby and her kids off to NY! And RJ’s could care less about there employees! I should know I was a former one for awhile! Place sucks! and so does the owner! They all do DRUGS! Find another hangout is what I suggest!

  5. I was talking about the place in Virginia….wrong one!

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