Bar#35 – Nite Cap

the first time i came here, i thought to myself that this place must only be for true alcoholics, or at the very least, aspiring alcoholics. a bunch of old drunks sat at the bar, the bartender was surly, and there was a couple who were literally dry humping and rolling on the floor in front of the jukebox. yes! this is what hanging out in the ‘loin is all about! the second time i came here, it was a bit more subdued and had less of a divey feel. oh well, it’s still a nice place to kick it, and they have pabst for only 2$ ALL DAY. plus, the bartender made a damn good bloody mary, which is a tough thing to find (outside of zeitgeist).

the Nite Cap is at 699 Ofarrell Street in San Francisco

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