Bar#41 – The Orbit Room


i was a bit wary about going here after reading a bunch of yelp reviews. it seems a lot of people have had incredibly heinous experiences. but, this place isn’t too far from home, and plus it was on the way to Amber which is where we were heading. ok, i definitely have to agree with people who complained about this place being really slow. when we got to the bar, there were only two people waiting for drinks before us, and yet it took centuries to get served. but, as we watched the bartendender make drinks for the people in front of us, we all realized that the drinks they make here are probably worth the wait. each drink was concocted with a zillion different ingredients, and painstakingly perfect and then tasted to be sure it was just right. these were no ordinary coctails.

i decided to order off the menu and the bartended just askedf wheteher i want a drink that’s sweet, sour, fruity, etc. i said i wanted something a little sweet but not too sweet, with raspberries, and tart. i ended up getting some amazing creation with mashed raspberries, chunks of watermelon, peppercorns, cardemom pods, mint, and other stuff. this drink was seriously insane… and then i tasted it… DAYUM!!! SO GOOD!!! every sip was incredible (except when i would accidenatlly sip up a whole peppercorn through the straw, ouch!). my friend got a drink made with bourbon and peaches that was super good too.

it turns out that we had gotten there just in time, cause a few minutes later, there was a mob at the bar. so in the end, if you want an absolutely amazing drink, check out the orbit room and order something that is not on the menu. you may have to wait a while, but it’ll be damn worth it.

the Orbit Room is at 1900 Market Street in San Francisco

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  1. i <3 the orbit room! haven’t been there in ages, but used to go all the time… if phil is still working there, he was a great bartender.. and i can’t remember the other bartender’s name, but i know for sure he left…

    the owner is a sweet little (filipino i think) older man, and he will fix you food when you drink a little too much if you are a regular…

    the mohitios there are among the best i’ve ever had.. 🙂

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