Never a dull moment in the Deco Ghetto

I was working from home today, as usual, when i heard tons and tons of sirens outside my house. this is not uncommon around here.. it seems like all the time shit is going down. usually it’s probably the police. this time it wasn’t though. when i looked out my window i saw a ton of black smoke gushing out of a building less than a block away. i grabbed my camera and ran outside to see what was up.

it was nuts!! this building was smoking like crazy and every once in a while you’d see all these flames gush out of the top. there were at least 6 fire engines around, and lots of ambulances etc as well. a large crowd had gathered and we all stood there staring up at the fire. eventually, as time passed and they sprayed more and more water on it, the smoke changed from black to gray and soon i could tell that the fire was pretty under control. i’m still not sure what caused the fire. it was so crazy though!!

the rest of the fire photos are here .


7 thoughts on “Never a dull moment in the Deco Ghetto”

  1. That stupid ass fire made the last of my commute total shit today… It was going so good until then…

  2. dont you hate that? when something like someone’s home and worldly possessions going up in flames can affect your commute.


  3. Seriously… How the fuck can people be so narrowed minded as to ruin someone’s commute. Those people may not have their homes or worldly possessions (crack pipes), but they can be replaced. My half hour is gone, gone, gone… Bastards!!!

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