Beijing #5 – Forbidden Palace

The most famous thing to see in Beijing is the Forbidden Palace. This palace is where Chinese emperors ruled from for 500 years, and is called that because people were forbidden from entering unless the emperor allowed it. This thing is *massive*. It’s over 1 *million* square meters (180 acres) and has 800 buildings in it surrounded by city walls and a moat.

It’s quite an impressive sight, even from the outside, but even more so once you get inside the city walls. You could wander around for ages, checking out all the incredible structures, each with very impressive sounding names like “Hall of Supreme Harmony” or “Palace of Heavenly Purity” or “Gate of Divine Prowess” or “Palace of Prolonging Happiness”. Also, the place is basically a gigantic maze, and a lot of the structures look kind of similar, so after some time, you have no clue where the hell you are and whether the gate you are looking at is for Purity or Harmony or whatnot, heh. I think i took a million photos of all the cool buildings. Also, Beijing is like a billion degrees currently, and extremely humid, so i was kind of dying after a while (ok, maybe it was just 87 degrees, but with the humidity and with me being from San Francisco, it felt like a billion).

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