Lanzhou #1 – flight

My first stop in the Hexi Corridor would be Lanzhou, the capitol of Gansu Province. Being so far from Beijing, i flew there to save time. I have always been kind of fascinated by airplane food. All the little compartments and tiny little packages… and how surprisingly awful the food always is. How do they make it so awful?! On my flight i was handed a tray that had a steamed bun, a weird red packet of who knows what, and a freaky looking vacuum sealed brown egg. Ok, this may be the most random airplane meal i have gotten yet. It turns out that the red packet was filled with pickled bamboo shoot slivers that you can put onto your steamed bun (which was filled with a tasty ground pork filling). The egg, though freaky looking, tasted… well, pretty much just like a normal egg, though with a slightly odd texture. All in all, it was actually pretty good for an airplane meal.

My flight wasn’t super long and soon i landed in Lanzhou. Let the adventure begin!! I went to go pick up my luggage… umm… no luggage. WTF. I waited and waited expectantly hoping that it would come out eventually. I went and checked all the other conveyor belts. But no, my luggage was fucking gone. Unfuckingbelievable. I went to talk to the woman at the counter… who of course spoke no English.

Luckily, she called someone who worked for the airline and then handed the phone to me. I told him my luggage was gone and he said he would try to get it back to me tomorrow if they can find it. The problem is, I wasn’t going to be there the next day. I was taking the first train out of town in the morning and was only passing through Lanzhou because of its airport. Ok, where was i staying tomorrow? Again, problematically, I hadnt booked a hotel for the next town yet, so I had no answer for that either. In the end, he took down my email address and said that if they find it, they will send it to the next town for me to pick up.

Yeah… right. What are the odds of them even finding the luggage. And if they did, i really had no faith that they would actually bother forwarding it on to the right place and then actually contacting me. I was fucked. Truly fucked. Other than being injured, this was a traveler’s worst nightmare. I now had no clothing. No toiletries. I didnt even have my only jacket as i had put it in my suitcase. All i had was my passport/wallet, phone, and camera. If this had happened late in the trip, it may have been at least better… but this was day 4 of 14 days. Crap.

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