Lanzhou #2 – Night Market

After checking in at my hotel, i went out to grab some food. There is a big night market here with a long string of vendors selling all sorts of vatrious eats. A lot of the people in this town are Hui, who are Muslim, so there is not so much pork here, but lots of lamb. As i wandered the stalls, there was a fascinating array of food. Big bins filled with snails, shrimp, and other seafood. Gigantic cauldrons with crazy skulls simmering away in various liquids. Bones and other mysterious animal parts. It was endlessly fascinating, yet i was pretty hesitant to try any of it. I feel like i’m a pretty adventurous eater, but this was definitley pushing me out of my comfort zone. I eventually got this pita type thing that was filled with a tasty meat/pepper filling, a flat bread (that i thought was just bread but turned out to have somrething, no clue what, inside it), and washed it down with a “refreshing” room temerature beer.

It was a nice introduction to this area. Already, things felt so much different than Eastern China. Also, it was much much cooler here than it had been in Beijing. It was so nice to get out of that crazy heat. If only I had a jacket… it could actually be helpful here 😕.

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