Chengdu #5

My next day in Chengdu, I went to a different teahouse and just chilled there for most of the afternoon. Afterwards, i went to this popular area called Jinli Street. People wander about here buying all sorts of various snacks. Lots of skewers as you see everywhere else in China, but also large trays filled with bowls of brains or lots of rabbit skulls.

That night, i went out to eat at a restaurant near my hostel. I got a dish that was fish in this spicy broth. It was so good! The fish was incredibly tender and crazy flavorful. I didnt realize when i ordered it, but it also has tofu in there… and surprisingly, the tofu was almost the best part. It was incredibly silky and practically melted into the broth when you tried to pick it up, thus absorbing a ton of the flavor.

As i was about to leave the restaurant, i heard all this yelling at the door. All of a sudden this massive fight breaks out and comes tumbling into the restaurant. It was absolutely nuts. Like 10-15 people all swinging punches and brawling like crazy. People were being thrown against the counter, which caused dishes and other things to fly all over and crash on to the floor. People were screaming, and tearing apart people’s clothes. Some were grabbing the little plastic chairs and smashing them over peoples’ heads. Girls and other people on the periphery who were trying to pull the fight apart would get sucked into the vortex. It was completely fucking crazy. Finally the fight ended and a bunch of people took off, leaving some others standing there with ripped shirts and blood and bruises. One of the crazy things was that pretty much nobody inside the restaurant reacted. The people who worked at the restaurant didn’t do anything to try and stop the brawl. Other diners just went about their eating. It was as if this insane melee was no big deal. So odd.

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