Chengdu #6

This was my last full day in China 😞. I had done pretty much everything on this trip independently (except for hiking the Great Wall), but today I signed up for a tour just to make life easier.

One of the things that Sichuan (and China in general) is most well know for is pandas! Chengdu has a large panda research facility where they have tons of pandas that are kept here for breeding and conservation purposes. It was so cool to wander around and look at them. They had everything from full grown pandas to little baby pandas under a foot long! So cute!

The second stop on the tour was to go see the Leshan giant buddha. This Buddha is absolutely massive… 233 feet tall! It’s so big that a person can fit on just one of the Buddha’s smallest toes. It was quite a sight! But, this part of the tour was a little bit of a rip off. We were initially told we would be able to hike up to the top of the Buddha and get up close to it, but once we got there they said that we could only choose to either see it from a distance or do the hike, but not both. We ended up getting back from the tour like 2 hours early, so it was a bit lame.

That night, I went out to go meet two people from Ireland who i had met on the tour (Ciaran and Eleine) to get some drinks at this cool bar called Revolucion. But, as usual, nothing is easy here. At first, they weren’t able to find the bar as they were dropped off on the wrong side of the little strip of bars. They texted me the name of the bar that they were at, but when i looked it up on google, it said it should be across the river. After a long walk, I found it.. but it was the wrong bar… just another bar with the same name. After getting more bad directions, it took like almost an hour to finally find them. Why is nothing easy here 😭?! Anyways, we finally went to Revolucion and it was awesome! The place had great cocktails and a fun atmosphere… great way to end off the trip!

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