Bar#47 – Sugar Lounge


this is a cool shwanky bar in hayes valley. slick decor yet doesnt feel overly pretentious. the drinks we got were super good. pretty pricey at 8$ a piece, but pretty much everything i tasted was hella delicious. this place’ll be a nice to place to get a drink when i want a change from going to place pigalle all the time.

Sugar Lounge is at 377 Hayes Street in San Francisco

Bar#18 Place Pigalle

It’s gonna be very hard for me to write a review of this bar because of how my night started. yan was in town from prague, so a few of us went to a german restaurant called Suppenkuche to have dinner. the food there was pretty good and they had a ton of different beers to choose from that you could get in all sorts of sizes ranging from small glasses all the way up to huge *4 liter* containers. yes, you could definitely drink a serious amount of beer in this place. yan and kevin got a huge 2 liter beer that came in a monstrous glass that was shaped like a boot. it was hillarious. erica and i each got 1 liter beers. as the night wore on, we each got another order, so by the time we left the restaurant, we had each drank 2 liters a piece.

kevin drinking from the boot (and spilling on himself)

Erica’s drink isn’t all that small either

we left Suppenkuche and stumbled off to Place Pigalle. the rest of the night is a bit of a blur. somehow i lost my debit card and also my paycheck. somehow i got into Popscene without paying. somehow we ended up being driven around in a Lincoln Towncar. somehow we ended up on some girl’s balcony. the night ended at Sparky’s, yet i dont recall anything about a very expensive milkshake, nor how we got home. ahh yes… another classic night.

so, what does this review actually say about Place Pigalle? well, pretty much nothing really. all i know about that place is that it has a pool table and looks kind of run down inside… and i only know that cause i had to come back a few days later to pick up my missing debit card.


Place Pigalle is at 520 Hayes Street in San Francisco

Bar#10 Rickshaw Stop

i randomly won tickets to a show that was here so we went to go check it out. the space was pretty cool with rickshaws set randomly throughout the room so people could sit on them. there’s also a rather large upstairs area too. the bar itself was super small, or maybe it just seemed really small since the room that it was in was pretty huge.


Rickshaw Stop is at 155 Fell St in San Francisco