Bar#29 – 21st Amendment

this place is located perfectly for having a few drinks before a giants game. especially on a sunny day, it’s nice to chill at the outdoors area. the beers at this place were pretty damn good, except that they didnt have the watermelon beer that i had heard so much about. dammit! the food was really good as well… i had the jerk chicken sandwhich, which was the bomb. unfortunately though, the people that work at this place are kind of dicks. all three people who i interacted with at the place were really rude and unfriendly. honestly, i think that if you are a bartender, part of your job is to be warm and friendly. it’s almost (but not quite) as important as making good drinks. i understand that everyone has a bad day once in a while, but if all three people who are behind the bar are lame, then your bar just sucks, and no tasty sandwhich will ever make up for that.

21st Amendment is at 563 2nd Street in San Francisco