to journal or not to journal?

so i’ve had this journal for a few weeks now. as you can see, it’s still completely empty. i’ve been trying to decide whether or not i really want to write in this. i mean, do i really want my private thoughts etc left on the internet for everyone to read?? anyways, i finally promised heather that i’d put in at least just one post. especially since she went out of her way to get me that little code. so here it is. my first post!! exciting eh?


8 thoughts on “to journal or not to journal?”

  1. Yay! Vlad has a journal entry!! My life is almost complete!! Now, seriously…you are going to get addicted. You will write in it more often. You will share your insanity with the rest of us…


  2. <font size=”1″>Don’t do it man, you’ll regret it forever. It’ll start of slow and easy, but soon it will pick up speed and take over your life! Free yourself now while you still can!</font>

  3. Wow Vlad! A post! That was the best post! Can’t wait to read more posts and comment on those posts. This is going to rule!

  4. By the way Vlad, I’m in love with that little coconut head avatar of yours. I almost want to steal it for other purposes… I won’t.. I won’t..

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