don’t really have anything to report today. heh, we’re becoming soooo lazy over here. after taking a van to viantiane (the capital of laos), we did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day. got some food (that wasn’t too good), played a whole bunch of uno (with all sorts of new rules in it that this dude from new zealand taught us), and tonight we’re just gonna chill out and watch a movie in a bar.

wow, i cant believe that i only have four more days here. so weird. i’ve gotten so used to always being on the road, living out of a backpack, having no responsibilities, etc etc. being back in the real world is gonna be such a shock.

so i was just wondering… who out there is reading this?? that’s one of the weird things about livejournal. you write all this stuff about your life and never really know who out there knows about it and who doesn’t. so many times over the course of this trip, i’ve seen a random comment from someone and thought “huh? i didnt know that person bothered to read my journal?”. so anyways, if you’re out there, and reading this, drop me a comment. doesn’t have to be anything fancy (if you’re one of those people who is not down w/ posting), even just a “yo i’m reading the journal” and a name will do. i’m just curious…


14 thoughts on “chillin’”

  1. It’s cool, between your livejournal and Jamie’s, I have almost been able to extend my trip… well, sort of.


  2. Per your instructions, you know that I’m reading it dood!


  3. I don’t read your lj. Ever. I psychically knew you were asking who reads it, and am posting this to cover my ass, since I promised to read it.


  4. …every day when i get to work…
    (and spend the rest of the day crying that i’m not doing something similar!)

    glad to hear the uno game is being put to use!
    -yan 🙂

  5. I don’t read it. I just try to make pictures out of the letters by blurring my vision from staring at them for such a long time.


  6. yup, we’ve played uno *hella* times, and i’ve been totally using the locks as well. thanks!!


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