the most/least expensive sushi ever

sheez, how many damn times am i gonna update today?

my layover in tokyo on the way back from thailand was about 11.5 hours. after dealing w/ customs/immigration etc, i still had about 10 and a half hours to see the town. unfortunately, the airport is about 1.5 hours away from downtown tokyo by train so all in all i was left w/ about 6 hours. i checked my bags here at the airport, and as soon as i stepped out of the airport i realized that there was one thing i really hadn’t accounted for. it was february. and while i stepped out wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops, everyone around me was wearing wool coats, layers, and scarves. now i can usually handle a pretty good amount of cold, but it was DAMN COLD.

because of this my time in tokyo was not necessarily that great. i was really really cold, had gotten pretty much no sleep in the last 2 days so i was dead tired, and it was morning time so i felt totally sick and was coughing like crazy. i stumbled around the shopping district for a bit and checked out all the crazy shops in downtown. everything here is soooo expensive. errr… i think. unless i’m just so used to thailand prices that everything just seems expensive to me now. so anyways, i wandered around for a while but i just wasnt really feeling it… so i decided to grab some food and go back to the airport.

i walked into the first sushi place i saw and the place was *packed*. there was a huge counter and the sushi chefs were making sushi at a dizzying pace and putting it on a conveyor belt for the customers to choose. back home, this would have been a bad sign (ahem, miyake), but here there were so many customers and the turnaround was so fast, that all the sushi was very fresh and did not sit around for hours. the sushi was pretty much all nigiri style, and each roll was 1$ which is damn cheap. so pretty soon i was really full, and for only like 9$. i walked into the street thinking happily about how cheap my meal was… until i started thinking that if you figure in the cost of 2 train tickets and the long sleeve shirt i had to buy to avoid freezing to death… i had really spent about 90$ just to go out and get some sushi. DOH!

so that’s it. that’s the last post about my trip. i’ll send a link to my photos whenever i upload them.


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  1. I’m so sad it’s over! I’ll miss waking up everyday and reading your journal first thing over a cup of coffee. I really have been living vicariously through your journal. That might be kind of sad, but it was just so great to read all the detailed tellings of your adventure. I look forward to seeing all your pictures and hooking up with you when you get back.

    Then again, this isn’t anything that you didn’t see me write on IM a few moments ago while you were in the airport waiting to come. Just consider this a pleasant little reminder for when you get back to the States! 🙂


    You were COLD!!!


    Sucker!! 🙂

  3. Ohman. the things I would do to go on a trip like that! Go on another trip soon so i can read your lj and be entertained as well as educated. Glad you had such an amazing time

  4. thanks dude. honestly, it’s really cool to see that people are psyched on the journal. even though really the main reason for me writing it was just for my own memories, it’s always nice to know that people are interested in what you write.

    luckily though, we still have jamie’s journal to look forward to (although unfortunately she doesnt update daily).

    the pictures will be posted soon…


  5. Ah man, cheap sushi is really one of the greatest things ever invented. Unlike other types of food I haven’t really noticed a difference in quality in different price ranges, with the exception of supermarket ready-made sushi. It just really comes down to what type of atmosphere and level of service you want.

  6. “-c,” huh? And I thought I was talking to Vlad, not Clad.

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