RTW itinerary

Caryn and i finally sat down and planned out a rough itinerary for our RTW trip this year. i’m sure we’ll still make tons of changes to it, but it was nice to have at least sort of an idea as to where we will be going. it was so hard to choose which countries we wanted to see. the world is huge. we want to see everything…. but that’s not possible.

anyways, here’s where we will probably go:


19 thoughts on “RTW itinerary”

  1. So very jealous… Especially about the 101 days if Africa. Don’t know why, but I want to go there so bad.

  2. I’m so fucking envious! Your trip looks UNBELIEVABLE! While you’re circling the globe – a lifelong dream of mine that I’ll never achieve – I’ll still be running circles, trying to make sense of the law. *Sigh*

    And for the last time: I will NOT drop out of law school OR take a year off. 🙂

    Oh, and I’ll get back to you about your budget inquiry, mmm-k?

    …lucky bastards! 😉

  3. South Africa? New Years? Hello…?

    Or did the cachaca make you forget?

  4. Are you guys sure that Jordan and Egypt are taking US entry permits?

    Other than that, it looks like a fun journey!

  5. Oh and a personal pet peeve of mine…. Jordan and Israel aren’t in Africa, damnit! 🙂

    Ahem. Carry on.

  6. No, I definitely have not forgotten about NYE. Been thinkin about it since Vlad first mentioned it to me. It would be so rad.

    However, one week in S. Africa does not compare to 101 days in lots of Africa.

  7. No, we haven’t gotten that far into the research yet. Even if they’re not right now, it could change by the time we get there — this is pretty far off.

    I can’t wait! =)

  8. fully. africa is *so* gonna be the highlight of the trip. in fact i really do keep having the urge to take away days from other parts of the trip, and add them to the africa part. africa just seems so *hardcore*.

  9. nahhhh dude.. i’m sure you’ll be having just as much fun in law school as we’ll be having!!

    … hrm, ok, actually you’re right, we are lucky. 😉


  10. as far as i can tell, both egypt and jordan should be fine right now. also, unlike most other middle eastern countries, we’ll be able to enter even w/ an israel stamp!


  11. well, we didnt want to create a separate section for the middle east… and it seemed to make more sense to lump ’em w/ africa then asia… although, yes, they are not technically in africa.


  12. Totally, I think the hardcore aspect is what really makes me want to go. I remember listening to stories from people I met in Brazil about their time in Africa. Sounded unbelievable.

    I don’t know how you guys were able to pick or not pick the countries. It must have been so hard.

  13. yeah, it was insanely hard. it’s still really tough, because i keep wanting to add more… but at the same time dont want to take days away from the countries we already have. it’s rough to try to find a balance!! but anyways, when you go to south africa on NYE, you should take off as much time as you can, and then you can come w/ us to other african countries too.


  14. We should go take passport photos this weekend and send in our old ones for trade!

    Ooh, and I still wanna look at packs. My REI discount is only good until April 1!

  15. yeah, I plan on taking as much time as possible. If I could get two weeks, I’d be stoked.

  16. Very much envious… very much hoping you will enjoy the most amazing collection of experiences of your lives…

    And hoping you’ll update your travel journals often so I can live vicariously through the Adventures of V n’ C.

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