my new home

Whenever you go on an extended backpacking trip, your backpack is really your home.. or at least as close to a home as possible. every little thing you own, from your medicine, to your toiletries, to your clothes, to your souvenirs… basically your entire existence is all stored in about 2.2 cubic feet of space. other than your travel partner (if you have one), your backpack is the one thing that is pretty much always constant about your trip. it is practically and extension of yourself. the reference of a backpacker being like a snail that carries its home on its back is mentioned in almost every guidebook i’ve seen.

well, after doing a ton of research and visiting REI a few times, i’ve finally bought the pack that will be my home for an entire year. it was a difficult choice, but in the end, this is what i chose: Click!

It’s pretty insane to think that absolutely everything i need for a whole year will fit in that little thing. well… i sure hope i made the right decision…


5 thoughts on “my new home”

  1. That seems so small. I would prolly have one that extended from top of my back to over my butt. Heh, I always pack too much, that would surely be a hard test for me.

  2. That backpack looks cool. Good thing you didn’t listen to me. Of course, Joey’s backpack is way different than that oen.

    Get to know it, and be really nice to it. It will be the only thing you can depend on.

  3. yeah, the pack seems hellza small to me too…. but as far as travel packs go, that is actually considered kinda big. this pack is 60 Liters, while a lot of them are only 45 liters!! sheez, how do you fit anything into that??!


  4. oh! so joey’s backpack is not that one?? ok. phew!! that makes me feel much better. i was *hella* nervous that both you and joey said that the pack sucked. actually, when caryn and i went to rei the other day, i tried on both a Marmot and the continental journey. in the end, it felt like the eagle creek was actually *more* comfey than the marmot, so i chose that one.. but i was damn nervous about the decision!


  5. I really don’t think it is the same pack. I think your pack is a newer model. From the picture, it looks a lot more sturdy. My main problem with Joey’s pack was the lack of back support. But, from reading the description of your pack, it seems way different than Joey’s. With all the support and straps it seems a bit like my pack.

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