we finally did it. caryn and i bought our tickets to start our journey around the world!! september 14th at 4:30PM we take off and fly to London!! and then it’s a years worth of adventures!

fuck yeah!!! we’ve been planning this forever, and it was always definitely gonna happen… but there’s something about actually having bought the tickets that just makes it all the more real. NICE!


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    I was thinking of you guys today when I was wandering REI while they were putting new tires on my car… funny enough it was the underwear that is marketed with some slogan that says something like “Six weeks, eleven countries, one pair”… I was like EEWWWWW, and of course had to read the package further… If it were me… I’d spring for two pair… just to be on the safe side.

  2. Yay! Congratulations!! Better start brushing up on your Spanish, Italian, French, German, Swahili, Russian, Chinese, Japanese……

  3. Heh, actually, I received a pair of these for my birthday! I was thinking about trading them for a size large, but now I’m on a diet, so maybe I’ll fit into ’em by the time we leave.

    I’ve also hear something about “disposable” panties — but I don’t know what that mean, exactly.

  4. yay! congrats! im so excited for you guys and so jealous that you are taking a whole year off! we have to meet up in the short time before you two take off because i would love to hear about your plans!

  5. Well, that could very well be a possibility. I was thinking either Germany or Israel. I have tentative plans to go to Germany shortly after New Year’s, and of course I’ve been dying to go to Israel. The Israel thing depends on what’s going on politically over there… I swear, everytime I plan a trip there an intifada begins. Maybe it would be safer for everyone if I just didn’t plan any more trips to Israel.

  6. I will consider it as a strong possibility. I’m in a weird situation with work at the moment. I’m in the initial stages of obtaining a security clearance and that can put the brakes on any international travel, especially to Israel.

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