day one..

my first day out has been a bit of a blur. i’ve gotten no sleep in the last 24 hours, and can barely keep my eyes open as i type this. going out or doing anything tonight is out of the question… i think i’m gonna have to crash at 8pm. we did do a *tiny* bit of walking around. we saw buckingham palace, and our hostel is right at piccadilly circle so it’s in a great location. we’ve already had fish and chips, and some good curry. also, we’ve already met up w/ tom and that’s been cool. well, hopefully tomorrow i’ll post more…


4 thoughts on “day one..”

  1. guys made it. Jet lag sucks. Doesn’t it? Make sure you run your little arses into the ground and drink lots so you can crash at normal sleepy hour for london. I forget how many hours ahead. Well, have fun…i will be living vicariously thru you two, so make sure to give us all the tasty tidbits of your crazy adventures. miss ya. be safe.

  2. So you’ve made it! I started my trip this past summer in London and I felt exactly the same way – tired and out of it. Glad to hear you like the Piccadilly. It’s in a fabulous location, isn’t it? Have fun!

  3. yeah… the jetlag has been rough. ouch!! it’s day 2 now and we’re all still tired!!


  4. the location of piccadillys couldnt be better. so far this hostel has been way cool. although, we haven’t tried the dorm rooms till tonight… we’ll see

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