early nights…

2 nights ago, after i posted my last entry, we deicided to try to go out. unfortunately, there’s this stupid law here where bars and pubs must be closed by 11pm. 11?! and i thought 2am back home was pretty bad. fortunately, there’s this loophole. for some reason, if the place is a “dance club” instead of a bar, it’s allowed to stay open way later (not sure how much later, but at least 4am). so we wander around trying to find one of these places and it turns out that the Cheers here has music playing and is thus a dance club and is serving alcohol late. sweet! unfortunately, they end up not letting me in because i was wearing shorts. a dress code… at Cheers of all places?? sheeez. well, i think i learned my lesson. i’m gonna try to wear pants as much as i can from now. maybe even all the time. weird eh?

2 thoughts on “early nights…”

  1. Yeah, I don’t find that super weird. I seem to recall you having the same problem in France….

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