another chill day

we woke up today and tried out some new shops for our breakfast. we went to a boulangerie that seemed pretty popular (there was a line out the door) to buy bread and some desserts, a fromagerie that had an insanely huge and intimidating selection, and a charcuterie (deli) for some saucissons (salami-esque sausages). it’s still pretty hard to figure out what we want to buy. i mean, i wouldnt even know what to buy if i was in an american cheese shop, much less a shop here where everything is in another language!

about halfway through the day i remembered that today is yom kippur. DOH! yom kipur is probably *the* most important jewish holiday and you’re supposed to fast all day from sunset to sunset. i’ve fasted on yom kippur for as long as i can remember, ever since i was a little kid. i was kinda bummed that i totally messed up this year… but i’m used to celebrating it in the US where my whole family is fasting and thus i always know exactly which day is yom kipur. a big part of this holiday is thinking about your religion etc, so i took some time out today, metro’d to a remote stop and sat around thiking. it’s not celebrating in full by any means, but i’m glad i did at least something!

after that, i met up w/ caryn at the rodin gardens. we read in our guidebook that this is a lot of people’s favorite place in paris, and we could totally tell why. the gardens are really chill and peaceful, and rodin’s sculptures are really amazing. a lot of the sculptures are instantly recognizeable as they are extremely famous, but there were also a lot of smaller works that were cool as well.

well, it’s saturday night here and we’re gonna try and go out tonight. we haven’t realy experienced any nightlife here yet, so it’ll be a fun change…


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  1. Like I posted in Caryn’s journal, the musee rodin was probably my favorite stop in paris. I spent like 3 hours there looking around, talking to other tourists and studying my guidebook. I think when I went, it was only like $3 — clearly a better value then most of the “must-see” tourist sites.

  2. yeah, it was only 1 euro for the gardens!! but 5 euro if yoou want to see the museum as well.

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