i’m gonna have to keep this kinda short since i’m sick :(.

went to the louvre. the place is sooo huge and intimidating. even after several hours, caryn and i only saw a fraction of what there was to see. it was funny to watch all the other museum patrons and see how they handle the museum. everyone is rushing around trying to photograph everything left and right. it was like this huge free-for-all. people were literally running around the museum. too funny.

after the museum, we did the 3km li sasaki shuffle in reverse. we took in the jardin tulliares (sp?), place de la concorde, champs elysee, and ended at the arch de trioumphe.

arche de triumphe

afterwards, we had a chill dinner at a random cafe. i just love the cafes here!! it sucks, we stopped by the restaurant that my cousin recommended but it was closed! i’m starting to doubt that i’ll actually be able to go there on this trip!!

we bought our plane tickets to barcelona today!! although i’ll definitely be sad to leave france, i’m really psyched on barcelona!! during my last trip to europe, it was definitely my favorite city in europe. also, we’re meeting up w/ erica, kevin, yan, and natasha there so it’ll be a crazy amount of fun!! we also bought tickets to go to the loire valley on the 29th… but now i’ve caught a cold, so i’m not sure if i’m still down to go. it would have been fun, but i doubt i’d enjoy walking aroun d and exploring chateaus while sick :(.


spent all day sick. pretty much didn’t leave the apt :(. luckily for me, caryn took good care of me by getting me soup, oj, cough drops, medicine etc. she was a bit nervous braving the shops w/out speaking any french, but she got everything in the end!! heh, although she did accidentally buy half and half instead of milk!


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  1. I forgot which starting point made the shuffle all downhill — the Louvre or L’Arc. Hopefully you did it the right way.

    Get better dude, Caryn can’t carry your ass all by herself through Spain ;p


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