spain 2…


so, there´s one problem with partying all night long (we went to bed at 5am the night before), and it´s that it´s practicalkly impossible to motivate to do anything the next day. we didnt wake up till around 1, and by the time we showered and ate, a huge chunk of the day was gone. it´s weird, now it´s our 3rd day in the city, and other than just wandering around, we still haven´t seen any sights whatsoever!! well, hopefully that´ll change soon…

tonight, erica had the idea that we should go see a soccer game. it was really exciting! i was bummed that we didnt get to go see one in england, so it was cool that i got a chnace to here. soccer´s a really big deal here, and people are obssessed w/ the home team (barÇa). the stadium that the game was *ginormous* and there were sooo many people there! although the game didnt have very much scoring (1-0 w/ barÇa winning in the end), it was still really crazy to be there. everytime the referrees made a call that people didnt agree w/ or whatever, the whole crowd in unison would just start screaming, jumping out fo their seats, and throwing their hands in the air. people were just so passionate about it!!

after the game, we went to this really cool italian restaurant. the place was super popular and completely packed. the waiter we had was completely hillarious, and when kevin had just one gnocchi left on this plate, the waiter stabbed it w/ a fork and while making an airplane sound, fed it to him. he also pretended to throw a hot cup of coffee all over natasha (turned out it was empty), and gave a customer a cup of just foam instead of their cappucino. it was too funny!!


we got up today, and finally did some sightseeing! we started off the day by going to this bomb mexican restaurant where i got the best chocolate chicken ever, and then went to parc guell. this is a park designed by gaudi, a world renowned architect who designed most fo the famous sights in barcelona. the park was really nice and we had a picninc lunch there. i´m really into gaudi and his style. his work is super innovative, creative, and extremely distinctive. most of the stuff he designed has these wavy funky edges that set them apart from all the straight lines used by pretty much all other architects.

after the park, we went to go check out sagrada familla. this is this dope church that gaudi designed and worked on till his unfortunate death (he got run over by a bus taking a photo of his own work). this place was insane!! it loooked unlike any other church ever made and had a totally revolutionary design. we were able to take a elevetor followed by a winding spiral staircase to the top. dayum, it was crazy!! being up there was super unnerving, and somehow the fact that this structure was made out of stone made it seem less secure. yikes!! this is probably the coolest building i´ve ever seen.

later that night we went out bar hopping a bit. unfortunately we didnt find any place super cool, but we still had a lot of fun anyways. bars here are a dime a dozen, so there is fierce competition. almost every bar has people wandering the streets handing out flyers that give yoou free drinks, 2 for one, or cheap admission to their place. if you work it right you can really take advantage of this!


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