we got up today, early as hell, to catch the 7am train to marrakech. we were all hellza tired, and we tried to sleep as much as we could on our 7 hour train ride. of course, the train was super uncomfortable, so it was hard to sleep. the scenery that we saw in between naps was really cool though. tons of red colored land followed by yellow dessert followed by goat herders etc. every once in a while, we would pass by an oasis and all of a sudden, everything was green and lush and there were palm trees everywhere…. it was like all of a sudden taking a break and being in hawaii. it’s so weird that this could even exist in the desert.

upon arriving in marrakech, we checked into our hotel which is sooooo much incer than the last one, but more expensive (20$) per a double room. marrakech is really nice. the town seems a bit more laoid back than fez, people seemlconservative, and all the buildings are built out of red stone. it seems much nicer than fez… but more touristy for sure. the medina here isn’t as exciting as the one in fez, not as hectic, but to make up for it, there is this one huge square that every night fills w/ crazy performers, smoky food stalls, snake charmers, performing monkeys etc. this square is really cool.

well, the internet place is closing, so i gotta log off. tomorrow we start a 3 day adventure!! we are taking this tour into the desert of morocco. we’ll be seeing sunsets/sunrise by camel and all this other really crazy stuff! should be cool…\\


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  1. Vlad! You and Caryn write so interestingly!! You should have connected with a newspaper or travel magazine before taking this trip. I have read accounts of families traveling through several countries but with much more resources than you two have and only covering a summer not a year. Your trip is really something you might still be able to sell to a magazine or newspaper along with some of your beautiful photos. Matt and I look forward to each “chapter” of your travels. He has traveled a great deal, sometimes even piloting his own plane so this is quite interesting to him.
    Our Love and Luck to you both, Grandma Colleen

  2. whats up nerd,.. glad you all made it to Morrocco ok. Sounds like you are having an adventurous time. We just got back to Calli,.. it is crazy to be back to the real world. Hope the camels were cool yo. Talk to you soon,.. E!

  3. i’m glad you’r enjoying the journals! yeah, it would be really nice to be able to publish this when we are done! who knows? maybe we’ll find a way….

  4. yeah… i really dont know what it,ll be like getting back to the real world! yikes!

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