while eating breakfast at an outdoor cafe today, we saw this crazy fight between a german shepard and a cat. the crazy part was that it was actually the cat that was attacking the dog… and the cat was winning, until some person intervened. it just kept leaping at the bewildered and scared dog. i swear, the cats here are nuts!

anyways, this entry will be super short as i dont have much to mention today. we spent the day just relaxing, walking around on the beach, and eating. rough life eh? we tried to go get wind surfing lessons, but one place ran out of boards (despite the fact that they told us to be ther at 2pm for a lesson), the second place didnt have anyone there that would help us, and the third place was 1.5 times the price of the others. here we are in “windy city africa” as essouiera calls itself, and yet we just cant get to windsurf. damn!!

well, tomorrow we get up at the crack of dawn to catch the 6am train to casablanca. here are some photos of the last few days.


2 thoughts on “chilling”

  1. thanks for the postcard… check out my journal when you get a chance…

  2. dude, that’s so dope!!! heh, we were wondering if the postcard got lost in the mail or something! that’s so hilarious that the postal workers were all psyched on it!


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