the night that would never end…

last night was supposed to suck. we had to take a night bus that started at 3:30 pm in selcuk and ended up here in goreme at 4:30am. sounds pretty sucky and rough… but not too bad right? well, unfortunately, it was way worse.

we bought our bus tix from our hotel in selcuk and the ticket said goreme (thats where we wanted to go). but when we gave the ticket to the guy at the bus station, he handwrote a ticket for us that said Navshahir (10 miles from goreme). i asked him why this was and he told me not to worry about it, and that the main bus goes to Navshahir, and then there are free minibuses from there to goreme. hrm… seemed weird, but oh well.

i somehow manages to catch a cold (second time in 2 months!) so the bus ride sucked. it was hard to sleep, i was uncomfortable and constantly blowing my nose. i just kept watching time tick by, hoping that 4:30 would finally arrive. finally, it did, and the bus driver told us to get off the bus. when we stepped off the bus and asked where we catch the next bus to goreme, the driver vaguely waved in the direction of the bus terminal. we walked over there, and were told that there are no free minibuses to goreme. the only way to get there is buy dolmush and they dont start running till 7am. WHAT!!?? so there we were, stuck in the freezing cold in the dark next to a bus station. we were exhausted, hungry, sleepy, i was sick, and we knew we would just sit there dor another 2.5 hours.

i was sooooo pissed. someone majorly screwed us over. i dont know if it was Artemis Guesthouse where we bought our ticket from, i dont know if it was the bus company Can Elbistan… but thanks to someone, we were stuck and old and angry. we called the hotel, on our phone card which was almost dead, only to have the phone answered by sopmeon who spoke no english and coulnt help us. wehn we called the hotel we were staying at in goreme, they said they would send a car to come pick us up. YAY!!! except half an hour later, there was no car. we called back and were told that the guy had called his boss, but the boss wasnt answering the phone, so no ride. finally around 7:30 we arrived goreme. tired, sick, and angry… to find out that our room wouldnt be ready for another 2 hours.

we finally went top bed around 10am. what a night. UGH!!


One thought on “the night that would never end…”

  1. “we were stuck and old and angry.”

    Best typo yet! Hope you feel better soon Vladdy.

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