help from strangers and dates…

today we traveled from hamma to palmyra. to get there we had to stop in homms on the way. in homms, we got a bit lost and didnt know how to get to the bus stop. we asked someone, and soon there was a whole mob of syrians surrounding us and helping out! they hailed a taxi for us, and then told the taxi driver to take us to the station and even told the taxi driver to get out at the station and go into the bus terminal w/ us to make sure we got on the appropriate bus! it was so nice.. i couldnt belive just ho helpful everyone was trying to be. i couldnt imagine sucha reaction and so much help if we were lost in the states. really impressed.

we havent explored palmyra yet, but it seems like there are quite a few places here selling dates. i HATE dates. they are sooo disgusting. and yet, every place that we walk buy, someone will run out w/ a whole plate full of them and offers us dates to try. they are very insistant, and we dont want to be rude, so i’ve ended up being forced to eat several of them. ugh!! oh well.. i guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do!


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