our guidebook said that if you see only one thing in jordan, it’s gotta be petra. they were definitely right about that. we’ve seen our fair share of ruins on this trip, but the city of petra is for sure one of the most exceptional sights we’ve been to. it’s a city built approximately 300 BC, and was built out of this beautiful pinkish redish sandstone. as opposed to other ruins where the structures are free standing, petra is actually carved into the rock cliffs, and this makes it somehow look a lot more magestic and formidable. actually, if you’ve seen indiana jones and the last crusade (as we did last night) the crazy temple thing that they enter is actually in petra.

petra is huge, and even though we’ve been here for 2 days, we sill didnt get to see all there is to see. there are humongous rock cut temples, tombs, caves, and incredible views. the way that all the carving is done is actually very intricate, and the color of the rocks here is unbelievable. of course, my tiny little digital camerta wouldn’t really pick up the red hues that well, but this realy is something that has to be seen to be believed.. some of the rocks are practically purple.

here are a few of my favorite photos from the ton of photos i took here:


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  1. I saw something on Discovery about this place, it made me really want to visit Jordan! Looks awesome.

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