fender bender

it was bound to happen. with all the insane traffic rushing around here, it was only a question of time until we witnessed a car accident. we knew we’d see one.. we just didn’t know that we’d be inside the car when it happened. ok, before anyone starts worrying, it was the tiniest of fender benders: our taxi just barely knicked another car. in fact, it wouldnt have even been worth mentioning other than what happened afterwards…

we had caught a cab to get across town, and had just crossed through an intersection when our taxi grazed another car. i still am not sure who exactly was at fault. the taxi driver stopped and got out, as did the people in the other car. wthin 5 seconds, the conversation they were having exploded into yelling. the cab driver was screamin and gesturing towards himself indignantly in a way that looked like he was saying “me???! you think it’s *MY* fault??”. seconds later, punches were being thrown. there were about 4 guys in the other car and they were all shoving and/or punching the cab driver. things were getting kinda crazy, and then one of the guys ran off and came back w/ what basically amounted to a whip and started trying to whip the cab driver in the face. at this point we started worrying. first off, i was really concerned for our driver who was outnumbered 4 to 1. secondly we started worrying about our own safety. we decided that we had to evacuate the cab and get out of there. but, we didnt want to stiff the cab driver his money (how sucky to get beat up and not get paid even!) so we did the next logical thing… we desecrated the man’s koran.

so, of course that last part was a bit of an accident. i wanted to leave his money somewhere not too visible to passerbys, but visible enough so he would find it. when i spotted a book, i decided to leave the money sticking out from the book. and while shoving the money in the book hastily, i may or may not have bent a bunch of pages. only upon exiting the taxi, did i realize that the book was actually the driver’s koran. somehow i doubt that shoving dirty money into and bending pages of the koran is appropriate behavior. after getting out of the taxi, we saw that the confrontation was only getting worse. a policeman had joined the commotion, but that didnt seem to help as people were still throwing punches etc despite him. we caught the next cab outta there. sheez… the whole situation was just so crazy to me. to get that heated and crazy over a minor ding?!

anyways, other than that, not much happened today. yesteday we said goodbye to sage, tara, and david. it was really sad to see them go. it’s weird traveling around. you meet all these people and then you spend like 24 hours a day w/ them for a week or so. that is soo much time! and then they just leave and you know you will probably never see them again. we’ve already said so many goodbyes just over the course of the last 3 months. and there’s probably many more to come. so sad…

also, today we bought our ticket to india! on january 9th we fly from here to mumbai!


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