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three quick things about egypt:


the first thing everyone here asks you is where you are from. when we tell them we’re from america, we often get the response “america!! yankee doodle!! the real mccoy!!” so random! ther’s this one guy here who sells perfume on the corner, and *every* time we walk buy he shouts out to us “yankee doodle!!!”. also, for canadians, the touts usually yell out “canada? Canada Dry!!” w3e can’t even tell how many times we’ve heard cheery shouts of “canada dry!”.. and, for some bizarre reason, the other thing canadians always get is “canada? no money no honey!!”. where the hell did that come from?


the currency used here is egyptian pounds, which there are 6 of to the dollar. but, to make things annoying, pounda re further divided into piastres, which there are 100 of in one pound. in other words, a 25 piastre note is worth about 4 cents. these things are pretty much worthless, and everyone in town is constantly playing a game of “pass the piastre” at all times. whenever you pay for something, you’ll try to get rid of as many of these pistres as you have, so they stop wasting space in your pocket… but the merchants are smart… they’ll either try to not accept your pistres, or give you even more of them as change. sometimes you’ll get like 3 pounds change, and they’ll give you 12 of the 25 piastre notes. when sage and her friends were here, we all totally kept trying to dump off our piastres on each other!


egypt has got to be the place w/ the most hassle out of anywhere in the world. especially luxor. the hassle is way less mean than it was in morocco, so i can handle it much better (plus we’ve gotten used to it), but really here it’s absolutely nonstop! it literally never lets up. we are badgered by people to buy things from the moment we leave our hotel, till the moment we go to bed. it’s NUTS!

and here are the most recent photos:

photos of Cairo

and photos of our trip to aswan, abu simbel, and luxor


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  1. When I was in England, a lot of the American kids in the dorm were always trying to get rid of their 2p coins, slipping them under each other’s doors, etc. Silly coins…so big for something so small. 😉

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