two more months down!

ding ding ding!!

as of today it’s been 4 whole months that i’ve been on the road. when i posted a review of my first two months, i was in turkey and had seen 7 countries so far. now i’m in india, my *13th* country. it’s hard to believe that i’ve been in so many countries in the last 4 months. each place that i’ve been to has just been so interesting in it’s own way.

in the last 2 months: i’ve slept in a cave, i’ve befriended a local and crashed at his house, i’ve seen more ruins than you could shake a stick at, i’ve smoked many hookas, i’ve traveled to what Bush calls the axis of evil (syria), i’ve celebrated thanksgiving, christmas, and new years in unusual circumstances, i’ve made all sorts of traveler friends from all over the world, i’ve explored abandoned castles, i’ve visited the oldest continually inhabited city in the world (damascus), i’ve seen a ton of mosques in all different shapes and sizes, i’ve heard the call to prayer a million times, i’ve battled merchants and post offices to get hookas to send home, i’ve been interrogated by israelis and left stranded at their border, i’ve seen more soldiers with machine guns than you’d see in the most violent action flick, i’ve celebrated hanukkah and lit candles in israel, i’ve seen a rabbi in a crane, i’ve seen one of the most holy places in the world for 3 different religions, i’ve witnessed two different fights, i’ve floated about in the dead sea, i’ve hung out w/ Sage, i’ve seen the place where indiana jones and the last crusade was shot (petra), i’ve gotten a shave by an egyptian barber who used a string to pluck my hair, i’ve gone diving in a sunken navy ship and also have dived down to 100 feet below the ocean’s surface, i’ve seen the nile river, i rode a horse around the pyramids of egypt, and i even got to be in an indian tv show.

that’s quite a lot accomplished for just 2 months eh?

so now, with 4 months down, i wonder what the next 8 will have in store. hopefully they’ll be as crazy and memorable as the last 4.

so anyways, same as last time, i’d like to know who’s still keeping up w/ reading the journal. if you’re out there and you’re reading this, please reply to this post, even if it’s just to say “hi”. it sucks that my journal doesnt really have a way of keeping track of who reads it, so unfortunately, i usually have no clue if anyone at all bothers w/ it anymore…


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  1. Hi Vlad,
    My name is Víctor and I am from Madrid ( Spain ). I usually read your coments, because I thought that is interesting to know another ways of life. And because i will travel around the world too with a television camara friend of mine. I will departure at september 2005 for maybe two years and now i am working in my webside. The name will be ( but is not still alive , jeje )
    I send to you a good energy for your adventure.
    Continue with this wonderful experiencie.

  2. Hey Vlad… Honestly, I WAIT for your posts to arrive and I savor each one. Your travels have been SO INTERESTING and I can’t wait to read about the next eight monhts. You’re a great writer and this journey has been great fun. Please keep the posts and photos coming! Good luck, and be safe.
    — Loren

  3. I read both of your journals everyday! I’ve been on business travel last week and was having issues because I didn’t have the link bookmarked on my work laptop. 🙂 By the way, it could be just me, but you look soo different in the photos now. I don’t know what it is, it’s not a bad-different or good-different, just different. I wonder if that makes sense?

  4. Hey Vlad,

    I’m still checking in as often as I can, it may take me a few days but I never miss a post. Did you get my last e-mail I sent on the 2nd?


  5. Hi Vlad, I check in on you periodically. I enjoy comparing your reports and ruminations with Caryn’s. Take care!

  6. I’m still checking and reading each and every post you make Vlad! I read Caryn’s as well. Congrats on your 4 month anniversary of touring the world!
    Both of your Blogs are wonderful. Keep up the good work.


  7. Hi Vlad,

    I’m a friend of Caryn’s, and I’m reading religiously. I’m planning my own world expedition, and you guys are hitting all the places I want to go, so I’m completely hooked on reading about your experiences! 🙂

  8. Greetings from SF! Yes, I’m still here enjoying your adventures. I’m reading both journals via LJ, which makes it harder to comment unless asked. 🙂

  9. Hi Vlad… I still check your journal all the time. It’s crazy to think that London was 4 months ago. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have been gone 4 months, and that isn’t even half the trip…

    I look forward to the India installment of the “What are Vlad and Caryn up to now Show!?!”

    and remember, be safe but not too safe…

  10. Hey Vlad,

    I never miss a post of yours. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. And, I look forward to you publishing your travel book upon your return.

  11. I’m still reading too!! Both journals are wonderful and have kept me living vicariously through your adventures for all four months. Keep having fun!!

  12. Hi Vlad,

    Love your journal. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey with us. We always look forward to reading your blog. Continue having a great adventure…we love and miss you both.

    Tom, Suzi & Billy

  13. Privetik, Vovochka!
    I am reading and enjoying your journal.
    We had an Old New Year Party yesterday, about 80 people, we missed you.

  14. hey vlad… been reading your’s and karyns journal from day one…. sounds like your having an amazing lifetime adventure…
    keep writing!!

  15. hey vlad, i’ve been out for the past 10 days with relatives, but i’m back on. missed this request for posts. but as you can see, i read the history to see what happened in the vlad reality show! btw: i’ve invoiced defeet and waiting for a check from them. happy new year!

  16. Dude, you totally know that I read your journal religiously. Hey, get back to me about South America when you have time! 🙂

    Miss you guys! LOTS! 🙁

  17. I am vicariously travelling with you and wouldn’t miss a single post! Actually I read Caryn’s journal first then check yours. I am always delighted to see how different they are despite the fact that often you are both describing the same site or experience. It’s like looking through your left eye and your right eye separately. After reading both, I get a more complete picture of your experiences together. Thanks for bringing me along!
    Stay safe.
    Love, Linda (Caryn’s Mom)

  18. I read it almost every day, and I finally rememberred to go back and post it. I reccommend your site to everyone who needs a temporary escape, but can’t go anywhere for now.

  19. Hey Vlad
    It’s my dream to one day tour the countries you have already being to, but I know it will take a lot of planning and money. In the meantime I will enjoy your posting as a imagine me being in your place….By the way…If you really want to see a place no other western has being to , check out SOMALILAND, its a breakaway country in africa that seceded from Somalia, but that is yet to be recognized by the International community. Its a very peaceful country and the people would welcome you with open arms. Go study about it .

  20. thanks for the suggestion. we’re actually going to africa in a few months, so maybe we’ll check it out!

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