india strikes back…


if you do the crime, you gotta be ready to do the time. in this case, the crime is eating pretty much anything in india, and the time refers to endless hours spent in the bathroom. i knew that eventually it had to happen. i dont think it’s possible for *anyone* to come to india and not get at least a little bit sick from the food. pretty much, it’s not a question of *if* you get sick, it’s a question of *when*. liv recommended that i dont eat the food at all here… but i couldnt do that. i *love* indian food!! and one of the main reasons i was looking forward to being here so much was to be able to eat all the indian food i could handle.

well, so the day after our wonderful cooking lesson, i got completely ill. i’m not sure if the illness was from the food at the lesson, seeing as caryn ate the same thing there and was fine. i spent most of the day laying around in bed in pain, and the rest of it was spent in the bathroom either vomiting or… other things. well eventually the pain went away, and by evening time i was feeling more or less better. half a day of suffereing for being able to eat incredibly good food? not a bad trade off… or so i thought…

that night was the night that the tv show we took part in was supposed to air. we were so excited to finally get to see ourselves on tv. we had been waiting impatiently for the last 2 weeks, and the day had finally arrived. well, the episode started, and in the beginnig they were showing the recap of last weeks episode…. and they showed the wedding scene. the wedding scene that we were in!!! in *last* weeks episode!!!

we couldnt believe it. we were completely in shock. we missed the damn show.. it was on last week!!!! arrrggghhh. our one chance to actually be on tv and we ended up missing it. so frustrating. hrm… well, maybe there’s someway that we could download the episode off the interent??

for dinner that night, i just got some fried rice. i didnt want to eat anything too crazy since my stomach was hurting for most of the day. rice couldnt be so bad, right??

wrong. apparently what i should have eaten that night was absolutely nothing. within a few hours, my stomache started aching and the next day i spent all day in bed once again. sheez. what a life! i guess that definitely taught me a valuable lesson. if you’re even slightly sick.. dont eat until you’re 100% better….


8 thoughts on “india strikes back…”

  1. I think what’s more important is *what* you eat while recuperating. Bananas, steamed rice, boiled potatoes, vegetable broth… bland stuff is fine! Chicken tikka and (greasy) fried rice on the other hand…

    ps- I’m glad you’re better. <3

  2. I know this is kinda mean, but this post made me laugh – a lot…

    Excepte for the TV show. It sucks that you missed it… Do you remember the name of the show?

  3. You would be better off drinking clear liquids when you got to the point of eating the fried rice.The clear liquid seems to wash away anything left over. Good luck!!

  4. heh, yeah.. it’s always funny when it happens to someone else!! well, the show is called: “Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand”. why, do you know how to get it?

  5. Vlad,

    I am pretty sure you can get the VHS of “Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand”. I am saying this because over here in San Jose you can follow pretty much all the sitcoms going on in India by renting the VHS from the local Indian Store. I am sure there would such shops in India too.

  6. really? ok, thanks… i’ll try to see if i can find it then!!

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