we’ve been lazying around jaisalmer, the golden city, for the last few days. not doing much, just enjoying town. we decided to rent a paddleboat and cruise around on this small lake. it was nice and quiet out there and it was fun to just drift around. just as we were enjoying the peacefulness, another paddleboat trudged towards us. uh-oh. the light blue swan got closer and closer to our blue lizard. when it finally reached us.. “GIMME PEN!!”. arrrgggghhh!!! even out here, we couldnt be left alone for 10 minutes without being asked for pens!!


it’s really amazing how many cows we see here in india. i remember years ago, my friend kimberley went to india and told me that it’s really crazy and that “you’ll just be walking down a street and there’ll be a cow in the middle of the street”. i thought that would be so exciting. before we got here, i hoped that i might at one point see a cow in the street. hell, maybe i’ll even get to see 2! well, let me tell ya, cows are not a rarity here. not whatsoever. there’s tons of them in every city. i would guess that each day we see at least one or two *hundred* of them, and in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

living in the fort

jaisalmer has a large fort, but unlike the other forts we’ve been to, this one is an actual active part of the city. the fort is full of shops, homes, restaurants, and hotels. it’s quite a little place, and we’ve spent a ton of time walking around its cobbled streets lately. we’re actually staying in a hotel that’s *inside* the fort. one of the big things here (and in other rajasthan cities) is rooftop restaurants. almost every single restaurant has a long staircase (with steps that are super tall so you can barely climb them) that leads to the roof. everyone eats on the roofs and enjoys beautiful views while dining. it’s nice… at least now while it’s not too hot in india!


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