the best and the worst…

india never ceases to amaze me. no matter how long i’ve been here, i’m constantly finding new things that completely impress me. but at the same time, india also never ceases to show me the darker side or life. all the time, i find things that are painful to even look at. each day i pass hundreds of poor old ladies crawling in the filth, dirty men with various limbs all twisted and/or missing, and little children living on the street. i see grown men shitting in the streets, in plain view of everyone around them. i see dead animals, lying amongst the other rubbish on the side of the roads. today i saw a man walking w/ a cane… and when i looked, i saw that the man had no eyes, just holes. i saw an old one-legged man, absolutely naked except for the tatters of what used to be a shirt… as he sat there muttering to himself, the puddle of urine he was sitting in steadily grew as more piss streamed from his exposed genitals. and later, i saw a crowd of people walking down the middle of a dusty road and carrying a stretcher over their heads… the stretcher was covered by a sheet, with clearly defined contours of a human corpse beneath it.

when i see all of these things, i really dont know what to do. i try to look away… but looking away, doesnt help you forget.


2 thoughts on “the best and the worst…”

  1. …and sometimes I have to wonder if averting my gaze from that kind of suffering is more of an insult than looking. I wonder: Is my inability to withstand a brief glance at the horror that is their life rude? Indeed, I only have to bear a moment of their wretched circumstance – and they’ve had to endure an entire lifetime of it. *Sigh* I’m sorry, Vlad; that’s truly very, very hard. 🙁

  2. yeah, i actually think about that all the time too. just watching their suffering is painful to me… but they have to live it, and they have to live like that *permanently*, not just for the 2 months while i’m in india.

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