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2 more months! now i’ve been on the road for 6 months. half a year!! it’s weird, back when i went on my one and a half month trip to thailand, i saw people who were traveling on year long trips and thought to myself how crazy it would be to actually travel for that long. it seemed pretty much impossible that i would ever get to do such a thing… and yet here i am, already on the road for half a year. this *might* be the halfway mark for this trip… unless we keep adding countries!

the main difference in the last 2 months as opposed to the other 2 month chunks of this trip is that i actually spent the whole 2 months in just one country. every other place we’ve gone has just been for a few weeks or so, but the last 2 months have all been in india. despite the fact that i havent been jumping around a bunch of different countries, i’ve still managed to do quite a lot of stuff over the last 2 months:

i’ve walked through streets filled with cows, goats, pigs, buffalo, and monkeys; i’ve survived unbearably overstuffed rickety indian buses; i’ve been stranded in small indian towns where no one spoke english; i’ve had people stare at me, ask for my photo, and even had someone ask me to autograph his hand; i’ve ridden a scooter around a small indian island; i’ve taken a “bucket shower”; i’ve seen hundreds of temples, both hindu and buddhist; i’ve hiked up a hill made up of 3,300 steps along w/ many pilgrims; i’ve seen some of the saddest poverty i can imagine; i’ve eaten an unimaginable amount of curry; i’ve learned how to eat without using my left hand; i’ve seen several forts and several palaces; i’ve seen a blue city, a golden city, and a lake city; i’ve taken an indian cooking class; i went on a village safari where i drank opium water and wore a turban; i’ve had some bizarre experiences from drinking special lassis; i’ve watched the sun set over stretches of sand dunes while camels paced up and down; i’ve been in a temple inhabited by thousands of rats; i saw Sting perfrom in Delhi!; i’ve spent 3 weeks living in the himalayas among tibetan refugees; i created a database for a tibetan monk; i was attacked by a monkey; i’ve lived in sub-zero hotel rooms w/ nothing to keep me warm except for hot water bottles; i’ve learned how to meditate and i learned about buddhism; i got to see the snow for a few days and saw monkeys, cows, and monks all trying to deal w/ the storm; i saw a man who was possessed by the tibetan oracle; i saw the dalai lama; i’ve bought clothing and games for homeless children; i wore a fake beard; i’ve stayed in a hotel run by Hare Krishnas; i saw the amazing Taj Mahal; i saw a wild tiger; and i saw human corpses set on fire in the most holy city of india.

phew… it’s been a busy two months!! anyways, as usual, once every two months i’m checking who’s reading this journal. if you’re reading, please post a comment in this post and let me know that you’re out there!


15 thoughts on “halfway?”

  1. Vlad, sorry I don’t comment more often, but your posts usually leave me rather contemplative and introspective, rather than the smartass I usually am. (It’s odd, isn’t it, how travel can become a spiritual experience.) I enjoy your adventures, comments, and observations immensely and I look forward to receiving your updates. Please keep traveling and keep posting. – Loren

  2. Happy 6 months! What an awesome experience and thanks for taking us along.
    Take care!

  3. i’m still reading.
    i *really* *really* *really* must go to the taj mahal now=)

  4. Of course I’m still reading! It’s the only connection I have to you and the great, wide world out there. 😛

    Hey, did you get the first third of that series of emails I promised to send off? Sorry I’m lagging. I’ve been really busy and kinda sick. I’ll write soon, though. *Hugs* 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for the postcard. Looking forward to my next phone call. *Nudge nudge. Wink wink* 😉

  5. I like the 2 month update idea, and congrats on hitting your 6 month mark! ( Also–thanks for your feedback on our travelogue–we’re going to be here in China for another 6 weeks so we’re hoping to have some time to work on it.)

  6. This is my first visit but I will be checking back soon to know more about your travel experience in India and other countries.

  7. Hey, I’ve had trouble keeping up since I’ve been traveling too but I’m home now (7 months, woo!) and will finally be able to catch up.

  8. We are with you. Had a problem with your site for a while…don’t know what happened…but back on track now. Can’t wait for the second part of your journey. Be safe!

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