no more for 3 weeks??

tomorrow, i’m getting on a flight to Myanmar… the country formerly known as Burma. it’s a country that i’ve been really curious about for a long time, and i’m excited to finally see it. it’s one of the least touristed countries in all of asia and therefore their culture has not been corrupted by outside influences. many people still wear their traditional clothing instead of the western styles that you see everywhere else in the world. the country is filled with beautiful buddhist temples and natural scenery.

i’m only going to be there for a short time, just two and a half weeks… and i’m going by myself. caryn is going to go see the famous temples of angkor in cambodia and spend some time in laos, and then we’ll reunite in thailand after we’re done. it’s gonna be weird and kind of sad to be traveling alone, buit like i said before, i think solo taveling is really important and definitely adds an interesting dimension to your trip.. so i guess i’ll endure the 2.5 weeks of solitude ;).

one other thing i have to mention about myanmar is that it’s ruled by an oppressive military regime. this government doesnt tolerate any kind of political dissent and is very strict about many things that go on in the country. the newspapers/tv/radio are censored. people aren’t allowed to discuss politics. there are no atms/credit cards in the country. and also, from what i’ve heard no one can use their own email. that’s right. no email. the only way to email anything is to go through a government run account, that is highly monitored. yahoo, hotmail etc are all blocked. i thought that maybe since my email is on a random unknown site, that it might slip by unnoticed, but just recently i heard of someone going there and not being able to use her email from her own private website. so… i dont know what to expect. i *might* not be able to post any entries for the next 2.5 weeks. i may aslo have no email contact. who knows… we’ll see!!!


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  1. Well, if people are really hurting for some travel blogging, they can read the sub-par — but only if they’re really desperate.

  2. hey guys: remember my former roomie Mark? he camped with us at Burning Man (not the english bloke). Mark’s in route to Cambodia and Laos… keep an eye out. I’ll tell him to do the same.

  3. Y’know, normally I’m in favor of traveling alone now and then, but in Myanmar?!? Just heed Daisy’s (my Dad’s BURMESE girlfriend) warning: Be careful! There are many, many places even she wouldn’t venture to, and she looks like a native and speaks the language! *Sigh* I’ll try not to worry… :/

  4. Jamie, as far as your comment above…

    Don’t worry about him, he’ll be fine. I’m a 27 year old female who just got back from traveling for 4 weeks totally alone in Myanmar. I felt totally safe–it would have been nice if they hadn’t blacklisted my website after one week though!

  5. Caryn, I visit your site every time I visit here. 🙂 You do a great job, and your photos are really well done. Good eye!

    Enjoy your part of the trip to Laos and Cambodia. I’ll be looking forward to the next installment in your journal.

  6. yeah.. i’m being careful… and as far as i can tell it’s pretty safe. according to the guidebook, most of the insurgencies have been subdued, and the country is way more safe now that it’s been for a while. thanks for the concern though!

  7. Motorcycle Mark? Cool! If you are in touch with him, tell him to email me. (caryn at girlcrayon dot com) I’ll be in Cambodia tomorrow, and Laos in probably five days. 🙂

  8. Thanks, Lara! 🙂

    I just have to try to drum up business here on Vlad’s site, since he gets so much more traffic. 😉

  9. While I do check both your blogs every day, I’m nerdy enough to check them in alphabetical order. Thus, I always hit first. 😉

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